Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor Episode 7: Jommy to Dance Naked

Pinoy Fear Factor episode 7 yielded the Coglarse Como Tarzan results. Those immune to the next challenge were Marion, Manuel, Phoemela and LJ.

Jommy and Janna are the worst performers for this challenge, so they will be up to accomplish the punishment. The group decided that Janna will host the event, while Jommy will the one dancing naked. Oh well, we'll have to wait for that tonight (again!?). Ho-hum...

I am starting to get slightly bored watching recent episodes of Pinoy Fear Factor. Why? The show's pacing is somewhat slow and it is obviously putting unnecessary sidelights just to stretch the precious time. Just to amuse myself here are some funny observations:

You can watch the the highlights of Pinoy Fear Factor Episode 7 here:

If you want to watch the whole thing (boring!), here is the link.

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