Friday, November 21, 2008

Ram Sagad Rammed Out of Pinoy Fear Factor

Ex basketball player Ram Sagad packed his bags and left El Campo Miedo to become the second participante to be eliminated out of Pinoy Fear Factor.

Ram Sagad was 8 seconds short in the Acrobacias en Helicoptero challenge to make it to the cut. His time was 30 seconds, while Elmer clocked in 38 seconds. The longest time in that challenge was achieved by Jose Sarasola at 49 seconds, while Jommy clocked in 39 seconds.

Anyway, Ram does not need to win in order to make it big in showbiz. In fact, he already has an established modeling career. Let's just wait what he'll say in his interview in The Buzz this Sunday.

Here is the video of the highlights of Episode 10:

To watch the entire episode of Pinoy Fear Factor, click here.

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