Thursday, November 13, 2008

World's First Pregnant Man Infanticipating Again

He (formerly she) is making headlines again! Filipino-American Thomas Beatie, the world's first pregnant man has recently announced to the world that he's pregnant the second time around.

Guesting on The View and interviewed by no less than Barbara Walters herself, Thomas said that he deferred his intake of testosterone-inducing drugs because he said he will be due on June 12th of 2009.

Thomas, formerly known as Tracy Lagundino, is a transgendered man married to wife Nancy Beatie. Nancy had hysterectomy before and cannot bear a child. So the couple opted for artificial insemination on Thomas with an unknown sperm donor. Thomas just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, named Susan, June 29 this year.

This time, however, many critics are throwing potshots at the couple's publicity stunt because they say that the Beatie couple are so into it for profit. Beatie and his wife has already sold exclusive rights for the pictures of their first child. And soon, Beatie himself is set to release a new book. Now, when he's barely 2 months preggy and they're stirring up another plot to continuously make it to the news.

Oh well, better maintain being in the limelight than to be out of it and forgotten entirely. They might just need the money so that they can fully afford to raise the kids, given the pending doom of the current global crisis.

I think Beatie might just have learned the tactics from Madam Auring. As we all know, Madam is always seeking media attention since the 1970s. Well, it really helped finance her longevity! Just look at her... she needs a lot of money to look like that -- even if she was born during the Cretaceous Period. Rawrr!

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