Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Barreleye Fish Baffles Scientists -- See Through Fish has Transparent Bones and All!

A newly discovered transparent fish species had been the toast of many marine biologists around the world. Dubbed as the barreleye fish, the whole trunk of this weird fish is see-through. Yep, seeing this fish is like looking through a glass ball because even the bones of this Californian Macropinna microstoma is composed of a transparent jelly-like structure. The "barreleye" term also comes from its unique ability of being able to see 360 degrees, since most of its skin, bones and scales are clearly transparent.

This news was first brought to attention by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute scientists who reported a breakthrough in their unraveling the 50-year old mysteries behind this see-through fish. They described the barreleye fish as neon green with "bulbous eyes inside their see-through heads can fully rotate - dispelling previous claims that their eyes were stuck in 'tunnel vision'". It also appears that the vision of this fish species is light-sensitive because they are bottom dwellers.

Here's the video of the fish:

Scientists also report that with the rapid advancement of marine biology equipment, they will be slowly but surely unwrapping the secrets of our oceans. Let's just have to wait when will they finally find Atlantis!

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