Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chimp Rampage: Travis the Chimp Goes Wild

Limelight is not new for Travis the Chimp because he was already trained and domesticated enough to be included in TV commercials. However, it is bizarre that Travis the chimp went wild as he mauled a woman and an entire police squad in Stamford, Connecticut!

As of press time, it is still unknown why the chimp bit Charla Nash who was wounded as she went over to her neighbor to bring the chimp back in. As the police went on to assist Nash, Travis the Chimp continued to do damage as he smashed the police car mirrors. The violence of the chimp was thwarted after he was downed by a police.

Here is the video of the news recounting the said incident:

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  1. a CNN commentator made a good point about the impossibility of ever truly domesticating a wild animal, no matter how much a person might want it to to be domesticated

  2. Just in case any other silly, sad, rich old women are considering the purchase of a chimpanzee or other exotic surrogate child, husband, rent-boy or whatever it was that the former “owner” of Travis was after: consider the adoption of a human child instead, or give some money to a charity that takes care of chimps, humans, or other beings in need. Most of what’s been written about this case is idiotic beyond belief, and fails to consider or challenge the important subtexts of the story. Why should ANYBODY even consider bringing a chimp into their house, and why should a community have put up with this irresponsible and probably mentally unbalanced woman’s interest in forcing a chimp to behave like a “human”, particularly after the first biting incident? Yes, Travis, when out on his own recognizance a few years ago bit a passerby and local constabulary decided that the matter wasn’t worth pursuing. What kind of sorry-ass excuse for law enforcement did they have in this town..the Sheriff sounds as responsible and responsive as the police chief from the Simpsons. Given that chimps are intelligent beings that share at least 96% of our DNA, do they have rights to what to them is a “normal” life, which includes normal behavior upon becoming sexually mature, i.e. aggressiveness? What kind of sick person assumes that an animal’s sex drive and normal behaviors can be controlled with Xanax…and why the hell would you even want to make this poor thing behave like some sort of diaper-clad church going suburbanite? Jeezus.


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