Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freaky and Gigantic: Borneo Monster Photos Revealed

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Who would not freak out to see a giant snake squirming its way on Baleh River in Borneo? That's right, it is the fabled Borneo Monster caught by aerial photographs and it is alarming residents in this Malaysian island.

All of us may have seen that crappy movie Anaconda with no less than Jennifer Lopez and it certainly gave us enough creeps. How about that real live and squirming giant monster snake found in Borneo? Although the veracity of the said photographs are still doubtful, Malaysia's Strait Times put the judgment in the hands of the readers. There have been legends in Borneo about a Nabau that feeds off livestock and medium-sized forest animals. It is named after an "ancient sea serpent which can transform itself into the shapes of different animals".

Last month, some scientists have also discovered the remains of a 45 feet long monster they christened as "Titanoboa". It's sheer size led them to believe that it eats crocodiles and giant turtles by wrangling them and swallowing them in an instant. Anyway, if this Borneo Monster is not a product of hoax-sters who are trying to pull a stunt, hunters in this Borneo should keep their eyes open before they are devoured alive by this mammoth snake!

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