Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guess the Three Young Actors in a V-Day Escapade

There has been sleazy talks about not-so-active young actors venturing into the flesh trade. No confirmations can be made yet because certainly no one would admit this shameful transactions with interested patrons who offer indecent proposals in lieu of money.

In this article, the writer Roldan Castro discussed a blind item which deadly gives away the three young actors invloved. Here it is:

(Super bibo! Aba, lost ang iba sa landi niya!)

ni Roldan Castro, Bulgar

Bongga talaga ang controversial gay lawyer na ito! Walang kupas ang kagandahan niya at mahaba pa rin ang hair, huh!

Matuk mo, sobrang happy ang Valentine's Day niya? Meron siyang guwapong young actor na produkto ng artista search nu'ng hapon. May dalaw din siyang magaling na young actor nung gabi. At kinabukasan, fly siya sa Hong Kong kasama naman ang isang morenong aktor.

True love kaya ni Attorney 'yung aktor na kasama sa Hong Kong na minsan ay na-huling ka-laplapan niya diumano sa isang parking lot?

'Yun na!

It would never take a rocket scientist to identify the "suspects" in this blind item. Luis Alandy has previously suffered being a subject of these blind items.

Vivo, too, had been a subject of many blind items this kind.

Jason Abalos seems to be far-fetched because he's busy lately with Eva Fonda.

Again, please be guided that this blog is just guessing based on the clues that were given by the writer of the blind item.

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  1. Basta kay Luis Alandy na ako. Gusto ko sya maging PAPA ko!

  2. Would you include or edit your blog if any of the three issue a statement of denial?

    Ito ang materyal na pinaguusapan ngayon tungkol sa right to reply bill nila Sen. Pimentel and Cong. Pundevela, na syang kinaiinisan din ngayon ng maraming taga-media. This means that unless gusto mong makipagdebate sa loob ng blog o paper mo, malamang ay you will begin to inhibit making assumptions na walang clear evidence.

  3. i doubt if any of the three will issue a statement of denial. showbiz celebs need to be in the news to remain in everyone's consciousness, so bad news is still good news.
    instead of wasting our hard-eared money on legislation that doesn't really serve us any purpose, these lawmakers should instead pass a law that would allow the people they malign in their privilege speeches a chance to speak back with the same immunity from lawsuits.

  4. And i support this bill to minimize the abuse of some irresponsible reporters cum gossipers.


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