Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart-Shaped Island Gathers Thousands of Love-Struck Admirers

What's cheesier than wearing red on Valentine's Day? No, it's not giving out a dozen of roses or shameless shouting to everyone how much you love your partner... Why not have a vacation at the world's heart-shaped island found in the Adriatic Sea?

Yes, Galesnjak is the name of the heart-shaped island! Thanks to the love-struck couples yearning to have a unique place to visit this Valentine's Day -- they spotted using Google Earth. Galesnjak is a tiny island that is part of Croatia. A little geography lesson first, Croatia is right beside Italy, where the Adriatic Sea is in between them. The heart shaped island is uninhabited but since Google Earth had no qualms in showing its "lovable" shape to the world, the island is now renamed into "Lover's Island". Thousands of couples are now requesting to be one of the few people to visit the Valentine-themed island for themselves.

Vlado Juresko, the Croatian owner of the "Lover's Island", revealed that the requests have been incredible and they are trying to accommodate everyone as much as they can. Most people "think it is the most perfect heart-shaped island in the world", but no one lives there so if couples would want to share the night and spend time alone there, then it's the perfect island where they can spend Valentine's Day. Juresko emphasized that "We always thought it looked a bit like a heart but since it's been on Google Earth everyone else has seen it too and the whole world seems to want to stay here."

Located in the scenic Zadarski Kanal between Zadar and the Island of Pasman, adventurous couples might just want to be the lucky first few to visit this island in Croatia. Ranked as the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world, Croatia might offer more than just the romantic shape of Lover's Island. It's capital Zagreb has Baroque designed buildings that never fails to beguile everyone. Plus the scenic Mediterranean spots in Dubrovnic and the gorgeous landscapes will make any couple's day romantic as ever.

So much for the heart-shaped island, it's global financial crisis! Maybe, budget-constrained lovers should just stay at home and look at the island over Google Earth. For all its worth, it is still the thought that counts.

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