Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Am Extremely Digging Psychic Twins and Grandview Topless Coffee Shop

Search terms can be somewhat bizarre as people will search things like "i am extremely" in search engines which makes no sense at all. Anyway, the Psychic Twins appeared in the Tyra Banks Show last Monday. They are Terry and Linda Jamison. Allegedly, they prophesied JFK Jr.'s demise. On the other hand, a new unique coffee shop has been earning attention over Vassalboro, Maine. It is where baristas bare their bosoms to ogling customers. It is aptly named Grandview Topless Coffee Shop.

While searching for Youtube videos of the Psychic Twins (spelled as Physic Twins by dumb searchers), I am extremely amazed about the revelations in these videos:

Oopps... The third one is not the psychic twins but the conjoined twins. I am just trying to test if you're attention! Anyway, the news about Grandview Topless Coffee Shop can be found here and here.

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