Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jayla, the 9 Year Old Bride Fulfills Wish at Last

Living with only a few weeks remaining in her life because of her terminal illness, Jayla Cooper from Texas wanted to have her dream wedding before her last breath. Her family can only do so much for her that's why they prepared the wedding in one week. From the wedding banquet down to the gown, everything was perfect for the nine year old bride and his 7 year old groom Jose Griggs who exchanged "friendship vows" last Sunday.

For two long years, Jayla was stricken with leukemia that was beyond cure. The parents of the young groom and bride told Monika Diaz of WFAA-TV that both children are aware of the situation. Especially Briggs, who was informed by his parents that Jayla was going "to a better place" soon. Family and friends shared this momentous event with Jayla as she gushed how her groom looked "so cute" and how she loved him.

Donations for the wedding poured in for the 9 year old bride and this wedding is just a "symbolic...celebration of life and friendship".

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  1. Hello. Nice story. I just want to ask for your permission to reprint this post and photo and put it as an article on HealthBeat, the official publication of the Department of Health which I edit. I'll credit you and your blog if you would allow me. Thanks.


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