Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mark Herras Moves On

After being lambasted black and blue by a starlet named Lian Paz about his masculinity, Mark Herras moves on with his life. Valentine's day is up and coming and he revealed that he has no date yet.

However, his happiness is still not waned by being loveless on February 14 because on February 16, his tandem with Jennylyn Mercado will make a grand comeback via an afternoon series in GMA 7 entitled Paano Ba ang Mangarap. Indeed, it is more reason for him to celebrate because many of their fans are dying to see them working together as a love team again. Their tandem was last seen in an episode of Dear Friend.

Many things are in store for the fans in this afternoon soap because Mark assured that Jennylyn and him will tackle more adult roles. It means they will be more sexier and less teenybopper, the way they used to before. Plus, a great addition to their teamup is Hero Angeles, who will stand as Mark's competition to Jennylyn's affections.

We can just hope that Mark Herras will continue to improve his craft and his physique so that he can match up the hunky competition around him in reel and real life.

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