Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Ouch for the World's Most Pierced Woman (Video)


When an average person regularly wants to get their tongue pierced just once, Elaine Davidson could not help but want more than six thousand more in almost every part of her body! Yes, Elaine Davidson is the world's most pierced woman. This Scottish woman even got a Guiness record to certify that! Elaine even proudly announced that 1,500 of these piercings are found inside her body. Talk about having a bed of nails inside out!

Born in Brazil and now living in Edinburgh, Elaine started to gained prominence when she landed the Guiness World Book of Records in 200o with just 462 piercings -- take note, 192 of these are on her face. Obviously, Elaine seemed to not have gotten enough of her most pierced woman title that she added more. Is she that obsessed to pricked all over?

So you want to see the most pierced woman? Here's some video of her:

She's proud and happy obviously. We just hope she'd put a stop on her 6,005th piercings. Or else, she'll really scare children with her presence alone!

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