Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Danica Patrick Tattoo - Sports Illustrated Effaced Danica Patrick Tramp Stamp (PHOTOS)

In the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Danica Patrick's pictures weren't really as original as it is. No, Danica's body was not the problem, but the "tramp stamp" she got on her lower back. This tattoo is a small American flag and the Sports Illustrated higher ups want this out of her sexy back.

Danica Patrick Tattoo

Danica Patrick Tramp Stamp

Tattoos Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick Sports Illustrated

UPDATE!! Here's the video of the photoshoot with interview of Danica Patrick.

Danica Patrick Tattoo Photos

Danica Patrick SI Swimsuit Issue

Danica Patrick Tattoo Removal

Danica Patrick Airbrushed

Indeed, the SI officials admitted that they instructed to digitally remove out this ugly tattoo. However, the officials were mum about why they photoshopped the small American flag tattoo when in fact they allowed it in previous SI issues that featured Danica Patrick. Oh well, Danica's handlers were informed about the said edits and they had no qualms about the tattoo removal. Well, maybe, the tattoo is just too hoe-y for a model in Danica's stature -- she should get it out of her skin soon!

Wanna read more about this? Here's an article from Jack Ryan entitled "Danica Patrick Tattoo Photos: 'Tramp Stamp' Airbrushed Away By SI" from Post Chronicle.

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  1. Danica Patrick didn’t quite bare all in her most recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. While there was an abundance of skin on display, there was one thing that didn’t show up; a tattoo on the small of Danica Patrick’s back. The tattoo was of all things—an American flag.

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  2. take a close look at the two pictures. It isn't even the same car and her hips are in a different position. This is not the same picture modified without the tatoo, it is two different pictures.


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