Thursday, February 26, 2009

To-pless Cafe Video - To-pless Cafe Raises Concern in Maine Neighborhood

Cups of coffee and tea served by women without bra cups seems really inviting danger, more than curiousity. Indeed, the to-pless cafe is really causing a stir in small town in Vassalboro, Maine. Grand View To-pless Cafe had just been open for a week and people curious and not have been making their way to see this town attraction.

Vassalboro constituents who did not agree about allowing Grand View To-pless Cafe say they still are not amenable with the mayor who gave the permit. Although a sign "Over 18 year only" sign is pasted at the door, young residents cannot help but take a peek at this controversial restaurant.

Here a CNN video about Grand View To-pless Cafe:

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