Saturday, February 21, 2009

Use Sherm Stick and Be Whacked with a Codex Gigas

Two unusual terms are now rising in the search engines -- sherm stick and codex gigas. I'm no guru about these things and the curious yellow I am, I found a few interesting things I'm gonna share for your reading pleasure today.

A sherm stick turns out to be an ordinary cigarette dipped in "embalming fluid". No, not formaldehyde, but phencyclidine (PCP). PCP is slanged as "embalming fluid" by drug users because this drug promotes a feeling of numbness to its users. Just like feeling numb, so that explains "embalming fluid".

On the other hand, codex gigas is a very large book dubbed as the devil's bible. It is so large that two people are needed to lug it around. It is known as the devil's bible because the book recounts the experiences of the fallen angel, which is Lucifer or Satan. The book is rumored to be written by Herman the Recluse and it can be found in the Czech National Library. More of the codex gigas can be read here.

So there. I'm not promoting drug use or Satanism here, in fact I'm against these things. It is for the sake of information. As they say a little knowledge about sherm stick of codex gigas might be a dangerous thing!

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