Friday, February 27, 2009

WOMAN MARRIED 23 TIMES - Addiction or Affection?

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A woman married 23 times in Anderson, Indiana has been the subject of fascination in many tabloids. Linda Lou Taylor is now 68 years old and she holds the title of the most married woman in American history. Since she married Glynn "Scotty" Wolfe, she now goes by the name Linda Wolfe. Unfortunately for Linda and Scotty, both did not marry because they love each other. The marriage was more of a publicity in 1996 because Scotty himself is the most married man with 29 weddings under his belt. So what is this a contest?

Anyway, Linda was first married at age 16 in 1967 to George Scott and her shortest marriage was with Fred Chadwick, which lasted only 6 hours. Of course, with 23 husbands, she already had married "a convict, a preacher, a musician, bartenders, homeless men, electricians, and even two gay men". Shockingly, one husband beat her and another one deserted her. It's not always happily ever after all, even if you marry 23 times.

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