Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ANNA ANISIMOVA - Russian-American Anna Anisimova (PHOTOS)

Anna Anisimova is considered as the Paris Hilton of Russia because of her indulgent lifestyle like the hotel heiress. Because of her assumed mysterious demeanor, Forbes Magazine tagged Anna Anisimova as one of the 20 Most Intriguing Billionaire Heiresses. Only 21 years old, Anna has been known to have luxuriously bought posh real estate properties in Manhattan. Rumor has it that Anna Anisimova underwent a boob job and also developed her own perfume line just like Paris.

Anna Anisimova Russian Paris Hilton

However, it seems Anna Anisimova is now suffering a financial crisis because her father Vasily Anisimov "lost $3.2 billion as the value of his Metalloinvest Holding, one of Russia's largest ore mining and processing firms, fell along with his real estate holdings". He is now out of the Forbes Top Billionaires this year.

Here are some of Anna Anisimova photos:

Anna Anisimova Russian Paris Hilton

Anna Anisimova Russian Paris Hilton

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