Saturday, March 28, 2009

Derek Ramsay Fooling Angelica Panganiban, Eyewitness Confirms

After Derek Ramsay strongly denied accusations that he is cheating Angelica Panganiban on SNN, an anonymous reader who goes by the name of Gossipboi confirmed that he allegedly saw Derek Ramsay in a hotel, along with two beautiful women. This happened in December last year and Gossipboi says he is sure of this as he is working in this hotel. In fact, one of their hotel staff even claimed that he saw Derek "nakikipaglaplapan" (French kissing) with one of the girls inside the hotel room!
Derek Ramsay Cheating Angelica Panganiban
Hmmm, gossips are good but we need proof to validate these claims, yeah? Unless there is evidence of a picture or a video, we can always think that these Gossipboi reports are just mere hearsays. Anyway, as a girlfriend, Angelica should have a gut feel whenever her boyfriend is two-timing her. For whatever it's worth, Derek seems convincing that he's faithful to Angelica -- if ever he's two timing her then proof would always come out in the open real soon. We'll just be waiting for proof to be dished out by on-lookers who will catch Derek guilty as charged!

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