Monday, March 16, 2009

Gerald-Sarah, Richard-Sarah or Piolo-Sarah?

After the huge back-to-back success of movies opposite John Lloyd Cruz, Sarah Geronimo is indeed being honed to follow the footsteps of Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez as Viva Film's box office bet. As of this time, Boss Vic del Rosario is reportedly looking for Sarah's next potential leading man. Rumors has it that Gerald Anderson is being tapped to play Sarah Geronimo's next leading man. See video after the jump.

Sarah Geronimo

Here's the video of The Buzz tackling the possible Gerald-Sarah tandem:

Seeing Gerald's reaction, it seems he is still half-hearted to that idea. Boy and Kris is right -- the Kim-Gerald love team is still on the rise and pairing him with Sarah would be anti-climactic. With Sarah Geronimo's status, Richard Gutierrez would seem to be the most promising leading man she could have. However, another big hurdle for that tandem to happen is that both Sarah Geronimo and Richard Gutierrez are handled by rival networks. Another suggestion was to pair Sarah with Piolo Pascual -- which I think has no chemistry at all.

What do you think? Who would be perfect to be Sarah's next leading man? You can vote at the sidebar.

Wahaha! Looks like we have an new box office love team!


  1. si fafa p. di bagay kay sarah,si fafa p. ang dapat niyang kapareha niya now si mark bautista,tapos na yata sila ni sam milby.buti na lang di kapamilya si richard, baka siya na naman mabibiktima niya. pero yakH! di papatulan ni zorro para kay vivian talaga siya.

  2. si richard mas bagay talaga kay kc, pero suportahan din namin, kasi mahal namin si chard, at siyempre suportado din si kc diyan dahil mahal niya si zorro. at inaalagaan nila ang isa't isa. we love kchard very much!

  3. i like richard for kc, kasi nakakakilig ang love team nila,but kung makakapareha niya si sarah ok lang yan, dahil mahal namin si chard, i'm sure ganun din si kc, alam namin na si kc at chard suportado nila ang isa't isa.

  4. oo nga no..?not bad for sarah to be paired with richard..but gerald..i think the ever loyal 'kimerald' fans will be so frustrated and baka mag rally pang mga yan..i dont know..go sarah!

  5. si enchong dee na lang,,! :D


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