Sunday, March 1, 2009

KC now ready for Piolo - Richard Gears up for Zorro

Now that When I Met U promotions are over, KC Concepcion is now back on track with her pending projects with ABS-CBN. On the other hand, Richard Gutierrez is up for another big role in GMA as Zorro. However, in an interview with The Buzz, both KC and Richard are quite uncomfortable that they will be separated for awhile.

kc piolo, lovers in paris

Upon hearing that KC is now set to work with Piolo Pascual in Lovers in Paris, Richard just quipped that Piolo should take care of KC. Here's the video about them in The Buzz:

It just seems that KC is hesitant about Richard. Maybe the rumors were true that allegedly KC caught Richard in his condo with Jewel Mische. This is the reason why KC had gone cold. Too bad!

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