Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TINA DAVIS is a hoe (Video) / Did Tina Davis trigger Chris Rihanna Fight?

Tina Davis, for those who do not know her, is a 40 year old record producer who served as Chris Brown's manager. Gossip mongers are now believing that it was Tina Davis who sent the text message that made Rihanna jealous, which led for Chris to be p*ssed off and the rest is -- you already know right? Not unless you lived under a rock, rumor has it that Tina Davis and Chris had a relationship ever since Chris Brown was 16 years old! (Whoa -- she should be in the clapper if that is true!). Imagine, Tina Davis is already 40 years old! Both Tina and Chris denied that an untoward relationship transpired between them. Tina Davis claimed that they just have a professional working relationship.

Chris Brown Rihanna

Tina Davis Chris Brown

Oh well... Rihanna should think twice about marrying Chris Brown! People, including Oprah, have advised her to reconsider her decisions about the violent incident. Tina Davis should come out in the open and speak in order for her to issue clarifications regarding the stuff written about her.

Here's a video feature of Tina Davis:

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