Monday, March 30, 2009

Vin Diesel Girlfriend: Vin Diesel Talks About Girlfriend Paloma Jimenez and Fatherhood

Vin Diesel girlfriend Paloma Jimenez is certified a hot mama. Paloma gave birth 11 months ago to their daughter named Hania Riley. In an interview, Vin Diesel was quite exuberant to become a father saying that fatherhood made him a "changed man". Vin explained, "You can’t pull me away from my house as easily as you used to, because I’ve got a nine-month-old thing on me and it’s heaven. I love it. I love being a dad."
Vin Diesel with Girlfriend Paloma Lopez

Although Vin Diesel and girlfriend Paloma Jimenez is yet to go down the aisle, Vin is already eyeing on giving little Hania a playmate as he is setting eyes on having "12 kids". Whoa, that's a lot of job for you Vin! And with a girlfriend who looks like that, it wouldn't be difficult to attain your fervent wish. Anyway, Vin Diesel is currently in Fast & Furious 4 slated to be shown on April 3.
Vin Diesel Girlfriend Paloma Lopez paloma-jimenez-237x300 Paloma Jimenez Paloma Jimenez2
Below is the trailer of Vin Diesel's new movie:


  1. Vin Diesel gets all the girls; probably b/c of his gravelly voice

  2. wow wish he was my daddy!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. vin's, you could do better... find a new beautiful girlfriend... she not the one for you..look for a pretty girlfriend, how about a white girlfriend or maybe black Arican girl..i see you in that...that the way to go boy! you cute and hot.. love u man!


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