Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Top 8 - Who Was Voted Off 04-08-09?

American Idol Top 8 04/08/09 - Who's going to be kicked out / eliminated tonight among the remaining AI finalists? Official opinion poll results from all around pinpoint two names who will be kicked out on American Idol Results April 8 Show tonight - Kris Allen and Scott MacIntyre! Will their predictions be true? Let's find out!
American Idol Results 04-08-09
D'oh! I just still don't want Kris Allen and Scott MacIntyre to go home tonight! Can Lil Rounds be the one who will get the boot? Lil is so deserving to get axed tonight! Oh well, let's just see how all would these turn out later.

Here's the American Idol Top 8 Group Number Video singing Kylie Minogue:

Ford commercial was a magic show schtick to the tune of Britney Spear's "Circus" - Adam gets to try out his first love - acting!

  • Adam Lambert... Of course he's safe!

  • Anoop Desai is in the BOTTOM 3!

  • Kris Allen is safe... would you believe?!

  • Adam Lambert is Safe and Anoop in Bottom 3 Video:

    Flo-Rida (video) was up next - he sang "Right Round"! Flo-Rida is er... a little too under-dressed for the American Idol stage! Cover the ears of your kids - explicit lyrics!

  • Danny Gokey is safe!

  • Matt Giraud is safe!

  • Scott MacIntyre is in BOTTOM 3!

  • Allison Iraheta is Safe!

  • Lil Rounds is in the BOTTOM 3 tonight!

  • BOTTOM THREE American Idol Top 8 04/08/09 video:

    Kellie Pickler (video) was kind of annoying in the interview with Ryan! Wow, looks like it's a toss up between Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre!

  • Lil Rounds is declared SAFE after all!
  • Anoop was declared safe too -- Sigh! 

  • Out of 34 million votes, ONLY 30,000 separated Anoop and Scott!

    Scott MacIntyre is the one! Will the the judges save him?

    Judges are confused at first - but finally they decided to let go of Scott MacIntyre!

    Scott MacIntyre is the one voted off / kicked out of American Idol Top 7!

    Bye Scott - We will miss you!

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