Monday, April 6, 2009

Danica Patrick Crash Video in Honda Grand Prix April 5 2009

Danica Patrick and Rafael Matos crash together in the Honda Grand Prix racetrack in St. Petersburg 04/05/09. I wrote about a news article regarding this incident titled "Danica Patrick Slammed Out of Honda Grand Prix Season Opening". I am doing an update about this Danica Patrick-Rafael Matos racetrack collision because I just found a good video about it. Watch the Danica Patrick crash video after the jump.
Here's the much-talked about Danica Patrick crash in the Honda Grand Prix:


  1. After viewing the crash video, the "Rookie" made a rookie mistake and he is obviously not "Woman" enough to admit to it... How could anyone allow him to blame her for the accident? Could it be because he's a "Man" and she's not? And furthermore, a rookie is just that.. a rookie.. and rookies should always be humble and respect those who have climbed and clawed their way into a ride... It is clear to me that he cannot learn from his mistakes until he can admit to them. I would expect a public apology from him after seeing the replay..its that obvious he was in the wrong. Unfortunately, his gender superiority was established at birth. His sisters cant even carry on the family name now can they? Yep.. that makes him "The Man" doesn't it? Danika, dont ever lose the ground you have fought so hard to stand on... Someday when our daughters are worthy enough to carry on the family name we might even have a "girl" in a "Winston Cup" ride... All we have now is a "whining, crying" Busch... Congratulations.. its a "Boy" !!

  2. with love from Holland for Danica


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