Monday, April 13, 2009

Duggar Family - Another Duggar Coming Up for the Family in "18 Kids and Counting"

The Duggar family made headlines as they starred in a reality TV show "18 Kids and Counting" on TLC. Now, a 19th new family member is going to be welcomed in a few months as the eldest son, Joshua who's 21 years old and his wife Anna are expecting a baby of their own. Joshua Duggar was ebullient over this great news as he beamed in PEOPLE interview that he's very "excited" to learn "new ways every day" of how he can be there for his wife. Joshua Duggar, who married Anna in September 2008, also said that, "I thought that she would be the only one going through the emotions of pregnancy, but I'm right there with her."
Joshua and Anna of Duggar Family
As the heads of the Duggar family, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are also thrilled about this new prospect. Jim Bob said that "We are really excited about being grandparents. We think it is really going to be easier than being parents." Joshua's wife Anna had been given a crash course by Michelle as she told her "to eat small meals frequently during the day to get through the morning sickness". Also, another tip that Anna's mother-in-law gave her is drink "apricot juice." For the full interview about the Duggar family, please visit the People website.

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