Sunday, April 12, 2009

Harry Potter's Emma Watson Does Not Want to be Upstaged

Like her role as Hermione in Harry Potter, Emma Watson would always want to get her way no matter what. This is after the British actress who'll turn 19 this April 15 refused to have herself be photographed among slenderer and buxom-chested models in a Burberry fashion shoot in London last weekend.
Emma Watson in Burberry photoshoot
In a report by
Daily Mail UK, Emma Watson was horrified upon arriving on set in finding out "she was to be pictured with a handful of lissom young women". A source revealed that "Emma was always supposed to be the leading lady, so when she found out it was girls she was in the campaign with, she put her foot down and had them removed from the line-up". So the producers replaced the women and now Emma is to be photographed around hunky male models. After signing a six-figure deal with Burberry a month ago, Emma is also signed up with the Storm modeling agency. Go ahead Emma, smarter gals always know what to do, right?

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