Monday, April 13, 2009

Jamie Foxx Disses Miley Cyrus - "The Girl With All the Gums!"

Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx is clearly clueless about Miley Cyrus. In Jamie Foxx's radio show titled Foxxhole on Sirius, Foxx and his cohorts were talking about Radiohead and Miley's name popped up in their conversation when a caller in the radio show mentioned how the famous band denied Miley's yearning to meet them during the Grammys. Ouch! So, there... then Jamie Foxx innocently asked, "who is Miley Cyrus?" Then the rest is just so hilarious! Listen to the radio clip after the jump.
Jamie Foxx on Miley Cyrus Gums
As the world insists that Miley Cyrus is the new Teen Queen, Jamie Foxx tagged Miley as "The Girl With All the Gums" -- groundbreaking! Foxx even added salt to injury when he said that Miley should get a gum transplant or something. Well, at least, Miley Cyrus is still sober -- for now!

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