Friday, April 3, 2009

Jiverly Wong Open Fires in Binghamton NY - 14 Dead, 4 Injured

Jiverly Wong aka Jiverly Voong had ravaged and opened fired at people taking immigration classes in the American Civic Association building located in 131 Front Street, Binghamton New York. This violent Binghamton shooting happened at around 10:30 AM April 3 2009. The gunman was identified to be Jiverly Wong, 42, a Vietnamese immigrant who was a resident of Johnson City. Jiverly Wong shot himself in the head after the shooting spree.
Jiverly Wong Binghamton Shooting
The reason for Jiverly Wong's rampage is still yet to be disclosed by authorities. Officials found it odd why Wong would be taking grudge at this immigration services center where immigrants and refugees are assisted with humanitarian help like counseling, resettlement and other issues. For more details, you can visit the New York Times website to see the chronology of this unfortunate incident.

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  1. Based on the letter he left, it sounds like he was a target of a practice that is being termed Gang Stalking.

    This involved rumours, slander, 24/7 surveillance, constant job loss, moving from place to place, and community harassment. Most targets of this practice commit suicide, or end up being falsly institutionalised. Other just like workplace mobbing, do commit acts of violence.

    I suggest that those who care about the people that died, help request his Freedom Of Information Act records, the public has a right to know if these types of ongoing investigation are driving people to acts of violence.


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