Thursday, April 2, 2009

Katherine Olson News - Craigslist Killer Says Sorry to Katherine Olson Family After Verdict

Katherine Olson is the unfortunate victim of the "Craigslist killer" in Minneapolis. Katherine just responded to a babysitting job offer she looked up on Craigslist website. After that surreptitiously luring her into his home, Michael Anderson then planted a hole in Katherine Olson's back. Katherine was just 24 years old then when the police found her lifeless body inside a car trunk.
Katherine Olson and Craigslist Killer Michael Andersen
In 1 April 2009, the verdict on Michael Anderson was finally released and he is sentenced to 20 years with no bail. Anderson's lawyer also informed Katherine Olson's family that his client (Anderson) is remorseful and he is in "deepest regret" about what happened. Read more about Katherine Olson's case here and here.


  1. Very sad to see and hear about cases like this. One can not even begin to image the amount of pain and agony that just one person has caused them.

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