Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miley's "Hannah Montana: The Movie" Bashhhed by Critics

Miley Cyrus should be hearing ka-chings here and there as the Hannah Montana: The Movie is unstoppably pulling tweens into theaters since April 10 -- its opening day. Although Miley and her minions are happy and proud about their film -- most critics are cringing at Hannah Montana's big screen debut.
Critics Slam Miley Cyrus Movie
The US Magazine compiled these harsh words from critics. San Francisco Chronicle has this to say about this new Miley Cyrus foray:
Even as adults give their blessing for prepubescent moviegoers to see the film, they should be plotting to stay as far away from the theater as possible...If you're no longer old enough to carry a Hannah Montana lunch box, this movie will feel like punishment.

The Washington Times has no kind words for the film: "Hannah Montana: The Movie isn't exactly high art, but that's not really the point, is it? Fans of the series will find much to enjoy here. Their parents? Not so much." The New York Post compared Hannah Montana: The Movie to be a poor copycat of the Reese Witherspoon film "Sweet Home Alabama", while observed that the short cameo appearance of Taylor Swift in this movie upstaged Miley Cyrus

Oh well, Miley... You can't appease everyone! As long as your tween fans are gobbling up whatever you are doing, I think it's fine. Just drop those Salmonella-laced peanut butter granola bars you're endorsing, alright?

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