Monday, April 6, 2009

Sandra Cantu Body: 8 Year Old Sandra from Tracy Found Inside Luggage/Suitcase

Sandra Cantu, an 8 year old girl from Tracy California went missing 10 days ago. In the morning of April 5, Sandra Cantu's lifeless body was found inside a luggage bag/suitcase that was found floating in an irrigation pond 2 miles away from her trailer park home.
Dairy farm aides working in the area found the luggage containing Sandra Cantu 10 AM when they were draining the pond. Tracy Chief Janet Thiessen heartbreakingly announced the end of their search for the missing Sandra Cant: "Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Sandra and all her family and friends. We will be determining the person or persons responsible for this reprehensible act, and they will be brought to justice." More details about this Sandra Cantu news can be found in the San Francisco Chronicle
Here's a video of the Sandra Cantu news:

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