Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snakes on the Plane - Pythons in Qantas Flight to Melbourne

"Snakes on the Plane" might be an outrageous movie title, but on Tuesday April 14 there were really snakes on the plane in the Australian airliner Qantas flight to Melbourne! Twelve baby Stimson's pythons were being transported inside the cargo hold on a Boeing 737-800 flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne. Qantas spokesperson Sophia Connelly informed that out of the twelve non-venomous Stimson's pythons, four escaped. These pythons "measuring around 15 centimetres long were being transported as live airfreight in a calico, styrofoam bag with air holes”.
Stimson's Python on Qantas Plane
Qantas discovered the four missing Stimson's python when they were "unloading the package AAE (Australian Air Express)". Qantas then asked if these pythons were endangered and they were told that these were not, so the airline company instructed its staff to fumigate the whole plane. Two Qantas flights were cancelled because of this incident (Source: News.Com.Au)

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