Sunday, April 5, 2009

Urinating Dog Sparked Richard Poplawski Stand-Off in Pittsburgh

After the Pittsburgh scuffle involving Richard Poplawski and three officers shot out of their lives, it turned out that the trouble was triggered when Richard Poplawski's mom Margaret confronted him about his dog peeing (urinating) on the floor. When Richard refused to acknoweldge Margaret Poplawski's complaint, she called on 911 because her son was "giving her a hard time." When the police were coming, she and Richard were arguing over the dog that just urinated, while Margaret informed 22 year old Richard Polawski that the police were coming to remove him from her home. As officers Stephen Mayhle and Paul Sciullo III entered their home, Richard fired up his rifle towards the police officers. Another officer Eric Kelly was also a fatality during the this Richard Poplawski standoff and at least three others were injured.
Richard Poplawski Urinating Dog
Margaret Poplawski informed that his son Richard owned some ammunition because he was enlisted as a Marine Corps a few years back. In a CNN report, it was revealed that Poplawski was "stockpiling guns and ammunition, buying and selling the weapons online because he believed that as a result of the economic collapse, the police were no longer able to protect society". Poplawski wore a bullet-proof vest and used hundreds of rounds armed with an AK-47 to aim at the police officers who came to respond to his mother's call. Eventually, Richard Poplawski surrendered to the police after negatiations with the police. Here's a video of the Richard Poplawski standoff caused by a urinating dog:

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