Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale Round 1 - Adam Lambert "Mad World", Kris Allen "Ain't No Sunshine"

American Idol Finale May 19 kicked off with the Final 2's personal favorites. Adam Lambert went on first with "Mad World" by Tears for Fears, while Kris went on to perform a Bill Withers original "Ain't No Sunshine".
American Idol Finale Round 1

Adam Lambert "Mad World" Judges Comments:

Randy: We're down to the wire.. I liked the performance

Kara: I'm happy he chose that song again you rocked it again tonight

Paula: unbelievably proud you're standing on that stage tonight. Baskin it...

Simon: The coat made the performance overly theatrical

Kris Allen "Ain't No Sunshine" Judges Comments:

Randy: I can tell what kind of artist you really are

Kara: I agree with Randy. You have a way to have intimate bond with the audience

Paula: You have a unique way of Allenizing your songs

Simon: When your name was announced last week, I wasn't sure America voted right. But I take it all back.

Simon declared that Kris won Round 1!

Numbers to call for Adam 1-866-436-5701, 1-866-436-5703, 1-866-436-5705

Numbers to call for Kris 1-866-436-5702, 1-866-436-5704, 1-866-436-5706

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