Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Continental Sues Nine Pilots for Allegedly Faking Divorces

There's an unverified news report going around the Internet saying that Continental Airlines is suing nine pilots for allegedly faking divorces. According to Car Rentals (, these nine Continental pilots faked their divorces so that "their ex-spouses can collect retirement benefits - while pilots continue to fly". According to the source, Continental have obtained proof of the scam when their children and friends have revealed that these pilots "re-married" their spouses in order to receive payouts from the airline carrier.
Continental Sues Nine Pilots for Allegedly Faking Divorces
The news report also unveiled that eight of the nine pilots involved in this "divorce scam" have either quit or fired from their jobs, while the other one had promised to pay the airline back. Continental had already filed a suit against them in Houston's federal district last week. The beleaguered airline is seeking help from the courts to bring back all the money they have turned over to the ex-spouses. Continental sues the nine pilots after they took advantage of a loophole in the federal law that "allows payment of benefits in divorce actions, before the worker actually retires." Among the nine pilots, seven of them were male and two were female.

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