Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diversity is Britain's Got Talent 2009 Winner - Diversity Upstages Susan Boyle in BGT Finale

You might be wondering who won Britain's Got Talent 2009 Finals Night? Well, the BGT results are in! The 11 member dance group upstaged Internet sensation Susan Boyle to become the 2009 Britain's Got Talent Winner. Diversity bagged the most number of votes in Britain's Got Talent (BGT) audience polls May 30 (5/30/09). On the other hand, Susan Boyle the 47 year old singer from Blackburn placed 1st runner up, while saxophonist Julian Smith placed 2nd runner up.
Diversity Britains Got Talent 2009 Winner
Susan Boyle Appears Happy Losing To Diversity
It is quite a surprise how Diversity outlasted hugely-popular Susan Boyle in her bid be the one who'll perform in the Royal Variety Show, but it seems Diversity won in their unique and craftily-made dance number that won people's votes. Susan Boyle showed that she’s a good sport because she acknowledged that “the best people won the competition”. Don’t worry Susan, like Adam Lambert in American Idol, you’ll certainly go places even if you’re just the first runner up! Below is Diversity's winning performance that made them win BGT 2009:

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