Saturday, May 23, 2009

Erika Dutra is Robert Pattinson's Cannes Date

Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson seems to be enjoying himself at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival with a hot blonde named Erika Dutra from Los Angeles. While Kristen Stewart, Rob's screen partner and rumored "girlfriend", is filming some scenes miles away, Life & Style the Robert Pattinson and Erika Dutra "were spotted canoodling at the post-party for amfAR Cinema Against AIDS in Cannes".
Erika Dutra and Robert Pattinson in Cannes
Eyewitness account suggest that Erika Dutra was introduced to Rob by mutual friend and the Twilight star began to "take pictures of her all night". And every female R-Patz fan should gasp to know that they were even "kissing". Eyewitness says that "There was serious chemistry between them, and they looked like they were having an amazing time" and " "Erika and Robert even left the party together!". Erika should gird her loins now as jealous fans will surely dig something bad about her pretty soon.

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  1. Date? Only in her dreams! Emile Hirsch and this skank should be ashamed of themselves for lying about what really happened. There are plenty of eye witness accounts from people at the event including journalists and gossip columnists, some even sitting at the table next to them, who say this girl is a liar. She and Hirsch crashed Rob’s table where he was sitting with his manager and his agent and asked Rob to take pics with her. If Rob had been making out with her or anything else there would have been tons of pics of them doing it because of the massive media presence. There are pics of Rob leaving the party with his agent and his manager, and that HUGE bodyguard…not with this skank as she claimed. Obviously the two of them had an agenda when they approached Rob because they sold him out just hours later. Hope Hirsch and Ms. skank enjoy the money they got from the gossip mag because Twilight fans will never forget how they got it. I’ll never go to another Emile Hirsch movie EVER again! Hirsch and Ms. skank are real dirt bags!


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