Thursday, May 28, 2009

ESTI GINZBURG - Supermodel Dating Chace Crawford?

After snatching a much-coveted role in the Footloose remake, is Chace Crawford also on the prowl for a new girlfriend? Reports have been swirling that Chace "getting close" to supermodel Esti Ginzburg. Originally from Israel, Esti Ginzburg has just turned 19 and she's been on the 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Rumor has it that a source at a party last Sunday confirmed that Esti was "texting" Chace and later she left to meet him up. Both Esti and Chace are set to star a film adaptation of Nick McDonell's book "Twelve".
Esti Ginzburg Chace Crawford Dating
Oh well, that's all rumors for now! If Chace indeed have the hots for Esti, then he will join the ranks of Leonardo DiCaprio who have Israeli supermodel girlfriends. Is Esti Ginzburg pretty enough for Chace Crawford? Well, I think she's sexy enough - just look at the Esti Ginzburg photos below:
Esti Ginzburg sexy pictures Esti Ginzburg bikini photos

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