Monday, May 18, 2009

Hayden Kho Scandal Festival - Hayden Kho is a DOG!

I've seen three Hayden Kho videos with three different women. No, the video does not just involve dancing like the Katrina Halili videos that emerged weeks ago. This time it is real stuff! The 3 long clips of Hayden Kho surreptitiously taking videos of Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes and undetermined Brazilian model in their bed scenes. Hayden seems like a disturbed man because he is obviously taking these without the women's knowledge, where the camera is hidden in the closet.
Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes
If you don't know Maricar, she's been seen in Pond's commercial and played one of Armando Solis' ex-gf in ABS-CBN's I Love Betty La Fea. I am just posting here some cam caps of the said Maricar Reyes video because it's the only thing clearer among the 3 videos I found in a site:
Hayden Kho Scandal Photo Hayden Kho Scandal Pictures Hayden-Maricar Scandal Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes Scandal Video
I sure hope these videos will be the last ones. I think everyone would not want to see Hayden Kho-Vicky Belo scandals. Ugh, that's the scariest thought!


  1. I agree that Hayden Kho is a Dog or better call him as DOCTOR HALAY KHO since that is what he wants to project on the public eye. Yan ba ang sinasabi nilang boys will be boys na pagiging isang hayop? hahhahah Now I understand.

  2. thanks to this scandal, now i know what a hot guy he is. before this, i never heard his name. =D


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