Friday, May 29, 2009

Hollie Steel Breaks Down in BGT Semifinals 5 (Video)

Apparently, the Britain's Got Talent Semifinals is too much for a ten year old to handle. That's why Hollie Steel could not control her stage fright as she was in the middle of her song "Edelweiss" (from The Sound of Music). After Hollie had frozen onstage, tears began to fall as she appears to be on a meltdown. That's why Ant, Dec, Amanda and her mother came to her rescue in front of the camera. Hollie asked if she could do her performance one more time but the show doesn't have enough time to accommodate that. Simon assured her that they will find time during the rest of the show. 
Hollie Steel Meltdown May 29 - Hollie Steel Breakdown 5-29-09
Poor Hollie! I think the audience will be commiserating with her and put her through the finals.

Update: Hollie makes it to the BGT Finals tomorrow!

Below is Hollie Steel Break Down Video in BGT May 29 (5/29/09):

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