Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Season 5 Finale - Watch Lost 5X16 & 5X17 "The Incident" Preview

Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 16 & 17 (Lost 5x16 and 5x17) tonight because we will be witnessing the Lost Season 5 Finale "The Incident". This two hour special will surely be a spectacle that Lost fans should not miss! The incident that is referred to in the episode title is what could have been the downfall of the Dharma Initiative. Lost S05E16 and Lost S05E17 will be tackling the answers to the question whether Jack and Kate will be successful in detonating the hydrogen bomb they unraveled last time. Will Jack and Kate reverse the futures of all the people they met on the island or will the thing that happened will happen? As Richard Alpert reminisced to Sun, he said that the people he met 30 years ago did not make it through. Will Sun and Jin finally met in this Lost Season 5 Finale?
Lost 5X16 Lost 5X17 - Season 5 Finale
Lost S05E16 Lost S05E17 Lost Season 5 Finale Lost Season 5 Finale - Watch Lost 5 Finale Watch Lost 5-16 Watch Lost 5-17 Online Free
Like everyone else in the world, we all want our answers to all the mysteries in the show. According to some Lost Season Finale Spoilers, Sawyer have already met Jacob when he was younger. Will Jacob finally appear on our TV screens in Lost 5-16 & Lost 5-17? This Lost two hour special will be aired tonight May 13 9 PM on ABC. If you're too excited, you can watch Lost Season 5 finale preview below:

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