Sunday, May 10, 2009

Madonna and Brazilian Boytoy to Exchange Commitment Vows

Madonna's really getting serious with her Brazilian boy-toy Jesus Luz as she is bent on sealing their ambiguous relationship with a "commitment ceremony", which will be held in a Manhattan Kabbalah Center. The Mirror UK reported that the 50 year old queen of pop is setting up her relationship with the 22 year old Brazilian model to a whole new level because of her frustrations of not being able to adopt a child in Malawi recently. Madonna's friends have recently confirmed that Jesus Luz has already converted into the Kabbalah faith and ditched his Catholic upbringing because his "love" for Madonna.
Madonna Jesus Luz Commitment Ceremony
In fact, Jesus Luz is not only learning English as his second language, but he's also attending classes to be able to understand the fixtures of the Kabbalah religion. A source interviewed by the Mirror UK confirmed that the couple "are totally besotted with each other and he’s really helped Madonna through this tough time". The source added that: "Madonna was devastated when the adoption was rejected the first time but now she wants to lavish some attention on Jesus and she’s keen to make sure they have a solid relationship for all the children’s sakes." A problem though because Madonna's daughter Lourdes have been vocally mocking Jesus Luz by calling him "The Babysittter" because he's too young for her mother. Oh well, let's just hope this one will work for Madonna. Just let him sign a pre-nuptial agreement in Hebrew and you're good to go, Madge!

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