Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marco Andretti and Mario Moraes Bows Out of Indy 500

The 2009 Indianapolis 500 (2009 Indy 500) appeared to be tough for the 22 year old Marco Andretti, son of the 1991 IndyCar World Series champ Michael Andretti, as he retired early in the race in the much-ballyhooed auto event of the year. The younger Andretti made contact with the Marco Moraes in the Turn One on the First Lap in the Indy 500 that swerved Marco's car into a wall that resulted to both of them to bow out of competition.
Marco Andretti and Mario Moraes Indy 500 2009
Marco Andretti blamed the 20 year old Brazilian about their fate by saying that "The kid just doesn't get it and he never will. You would think that somebody would know that somebody is sitting right outside of you". Moraes, on the other hand, was teary-eyed upon seeing the smash aftermath on his KV Racing Dallara. Moraes thought that it was Andretti who hit him: "I was holding my line, I was in front and he hit me. I don't know how and where yet." Right now, the 2009 Indy 500 race is being controlled by 2007 Indy Series Champ Dario Franchitti. Watch the actual Marco Andretti and Mario Moraes Indy 500 2009 video below:

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