Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World's Oldest Dog is a Dachshund Named Chanel

Chanel turns 21 today. She may look like an ordinary white dachshund but Chanel was named the world's oldest dog by the Guinness World Records last year. According to her Long Island owner Denice Shaughnessy who's a high school principal, Chanel was originally colored red but due to age she turned white. In canine years, Chanel is now officially 147 years old.
Chanel - World's Oldest Dog
Upon reaching this ancient age, Chanel is required to wear a specially-designed goggles to protect her eyes stricken by cataracts. Her ambient temperature is also maintained at 72 degrees because Chanel can no longer endure the cold. Her diet? It usually consists of chicken with whole-wheat pasta, with a special soft dog food designed appropriately for her withered teeth. Chanel earned the title as the world's oldest dog after Bella, a beagle from Virginia, did not make it past 26 years old (203 in canine years). The oldest dog ever was a sheepdog from Australia named Bluey who lived for 29 years. Source: NY Post

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