Monday, June 29, 2009

Katherine Jackson - Michael Jackson's Mom Gets Custody of His Children

A Supreme Court judge finally approved Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mom, as the legal guardian who will take custody of his three children Prince Michael (12 years old), Paris Michael Katherine Jackson (11 years old) and Prince Michael II (7 years old). How old is Katherine Jackson? She's 79 years old and now she's filing an appeal to have legal control over the pop icon's real estate in order to protect his legacy.
Michael Jackson with mom Katherine
Albeit a "temporary" guardianship was granted, Katherine Jackson's intention "to marshal assets of the decedent for the exclusive use of the decedent's three children — her grandchildren — after payment of debts and expenses of administration" is still yet to be studied in scheduled hearings between July 6 and August 3. By then, Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff might come to a decision too to grant MJ's mom the permanent custody. The court granted Mrs. Jackson the custody for the reason that the children "have a long established relationship with paternal grandmother and are comfortable in her care." Michael Jackson's father Joe will only be supporting Mrs. Jackson to administer the estate left by the King of Pop.

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