Friday, June 19, 2009

Keishla Villafane Rivera - Beauty Queen Fired in Puerto Rico

Here's another beauty in the same boat as Carrie Prejean - Keishla Villafane Rivera. Keishla is Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2008 and is now stripped of her title because of "intolerable conduct" which involved her "threatening and assaulting pageant staff". Also, the 19 year old Keishla Villafane Rivera used "coarse language" and she did not obey "the terms of her contract by agreeing to use her image in an advertisement without the consent of the pageant". That's a lot of accusations going on there!
Keishla Villafane Rivera Fired in Miss Puerto Rico Petite
In replacement of Villafane, the pageant officials are appointing Tamara Perez who will hold the Miss Puerto Rico Petite title until August this year. Here’s the Associated Press news about Keishla and below are Keishla Villafane Rivera Photos:
Images of Keishla Villafane Rivera Keishla Villafane Rivera Pictures

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