Wednesday, July 1, 2009

America's Got Talent Chicken Catcher Kevin Skinner (Video)

America's Got Talent seems to be finding its Susan Boyle counterpart in the US. One of its contenders appears to have the same surprise element - Kevin Skinner! Kevin, who's a 35 year old unemployed farmer from Kentucky prided that he's an expert chicken catcher! No one expected that this gruffy clothed country boy with a Southern accent can pull through a heartwarming song!
Americas Got Talent Chicken Catcher Kevin Skinner
As soon as Kevin Skinner strummed his guitar to the tune of Garth Brooks "Tomorrow Never Comes", the America's Got Talent audience were left awestruck by this lowly chicken catcher. Way to go, Kevin! Watch the America's Get Talent chicken catcher Kevin Skinner video below:

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