Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Fight (Video) - Host Gordon Ramsey Goes Head-to-Head with Contestant Joseph

The TV reality show Hell's Kitchen on its July 21 (7/21/09) episode has left viewers shocked as to what happened tonight. Hell's Kitchen fight, as it was dubbed, exposed how a 27 year old aspiring chef from New York named Joseph stood up against the famous Hell's Kitchen Host Gordon Ramsay. Joseph, who's also a former US Marine , was told that he's "stupid" by Gordon when he accosted him to divulge his "first nominee". This was how things flared up out of proportion. Watch the video of the incident after the jump.
Hells Kitchen Fight July 21 Episode - Gordon vs Joseph
Too bad the catfight was cut short when things are becoming too exciting. Will it evolve into a brawl? A reality show fight is too much to ignore as it can boost ratings in the next episode. Watch the Youtube video of the Hell's Kitchen fight Gordon vs. Joseph (It's low quality but you can see what happened clearly):


  1. Gordon Ramsay is soooo what's the word...?
    Yeah ABRASIVE. I watch him regularly at Kitchen Nightmares and he always manages to antagonize the owner of the resto that he is tryin to help.

    But he means well..and he knows his stuff.

    Joseph looks hot...hot as the devil in Hell's Kitchen! :D

  2. i think Joseph should shut the hell up,an understood what Ramsay told him 2 simple questions.Even the fool name Joseph did not understand Ramsay very well,n yes their did go head to head.Hello Joseph steps up to Ramsay an said's (I'm not your bitch') the fuck is wrong with this boy he sounds like 5 year old kid grow up Joseph,your not a man,your still a kid eh! egg head...Joseph stuff he has no money eh!Joesph your not chef your idiot fool....


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