Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kroger Beef Recall - Kroger Fears E. coli contamination

Kroger, a popular retail supermarket chain, has issued a recall on the beef products they sold to customers. This is after their supplier, the JBS Swift Beef Company, feared that a possible E. coli contamination on the products that were sold on from April 27 to June 1. Escherichia coli (E. coli), if ingested, can cause gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections and food poisoning.
Kroger Beef Recall
The Kroger Beef Recall includes stores in Memphis and West Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, southern Missouri and southwest Kentucky. The beef purchased can be returned to the store for a refund or a replacement. The packaging for the Kroger beef recall contain the following UPC numbers: 21165300000, 21165310000, 21165320000, 21165330000. The Kroger Beef Recall hotline (Telephone number: 800-632-690) is open to answer all customer queries.

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