Monday, September 28, 2009

Derrion Albert Video Uncut - Chicago Teen Fatal Beating Caught on Video

Derrion Albert is just a regular 16 year old who has a bright future ahead of him. Yet, last Thursday, September 17, Derrion met an unfortunate situation on his way home from school. The authorities believe that Derrion was just in a wrong place at the wrong time after being clubbed to his end.
Derrion Albert Video Uncut - Derrion Albert Photo
Communities are now denouncing on what happened to Derrion Albert. This Derrion Albert video uncut should be a wake up call to Chicago Public School system on how they should deal with the gangs that hang around their premises. Derrion Albert was astudent of the Christian Fenger Academy High School. The latest reports from USA Today said that four people are now being held responsible for this - they are Silvonus Shannon, Eugene Riley, Eric Carson and another unidentified teen. Watch the Derrion Albert video uncut in Youtube below from CNN:

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